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Nazionality: - France
Speciality: Painter

My name is maxime, i am 35 years old. I have been painting for about 6-7 years I started in wargaming like many with warhammer 40k and a Tau army.
I then succumbed to the call of chaos... mainly with nurgle as allies. I love to paint and create :) it is not impossible that some figurines from the AOS universe pass under my brushes ^^
Nazionality: - Spain
Speciality: Painter

Hi my name is Juan!
I do love painting and I can't stop doing it.
I started to paint because of wargames, painting my AOS zombies, ghouls and vampires and now I paint not only minis, I paint almost anything I can put my hands on: portraits, helmets, walls, illustrations, etc...
Nazionality: - Denmark
Speciality: Painter

I’m a student to be kindergaarden teacher, I’ve been painting miniatures for about 2 years now on and off but recently been taking it more serious. It really started when I was a young kid, about 7-8 years old when my granddad introduced me to it. When my granddad died I got some of my and his old models back which made me interested in Warhammer again. I want to reach the top of the best painters in the world and even though there is a good handful of insane painters, I still hope that someday ill be up there.
Nazionality: - Ukraine
Speciality: Painter, Cosplayer

My name is Maryna, I'm from Kyiv, Ukraine.
Was a huge fan of Warhammer lore since I was 16. But only few years ago I started to play the wargame.
I started from Kill Team, then slowly moved to 40k.
Now I have two armies: Ultramarines and Chaos Space Marines (Emperor's Children).
Nazionality: - Russian
Page: ReVentabe
Speciality: Painter

Hi, I am 32 years old and I am Russian. Рainting Warhammer for 3 years. One day I was nostalgic for the time when my father and I were building a model sailing ship. As a result, I bought glue, primer and paints. Since then I can't stop. I created planes, tanks and figurines of soldiers. I settled on Warhammer because it gives more space for creative painting as well as conversion.
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